Join The Waterfall Tour in El Limón

Weekly Waterfall Tour of Las Terrenas famous Afreeka Beach Hostel

Hear the roar of the cataract and feel the spray on your face with this 40meter high waterfall. Unearth and find at least three more appealing cascades in the tropical forest of Samaná, Dominican Republic.

Salto De Limón, the Waterfall located in the centre of the tropical forest Samana, Dominican Republic

Experience the Afreeka Waterfall Tour in the North of the Dominican Republic, every week! Our team will drive you safely with the hostel bus to one of the three different entrances of the jungle headed towards this impressive natural spectacle. We will provide you with drinking water and we’ll guide you right where the “Salto de Limón” cascades over the cliffs in high fall.

Above all the waterfalls near Las Terrenas are probably the most terrific landmarks of our hostel tour in the incredible forest of Samaná. On the way there we’ll see the bare beautiful and untouched wilderness of the Island in the Caribbean. Passing by local farmers and after relishing the view we’ll arrive at a souvenir shop, a picture gallery and a store for some soda and snacks where you’ll be able to acquire a token of remembrance for your memories.
You can also consider riding to this dramatic sight on a horse.

If you choose to hike the second trail. You’ll wander across four astonishing hills with a stunning impression of the wild bushes of your path. After walking this brilliant shortcut we will continue our journey on the main road, the first track.

The third route is just as striking as the first two! Here we’ll have to cross the river to our destination twice. The crystal clear water will grant you a foretaste of what you’re about to see. A little further and we’re almost there to reach the glade from where you’ll have a fantastic and marvelous outlook on the breathtaking downfall of the forest.

Salto de Limón the Waterfall jump in Samana, Dominican Republic.jpg

The adrenaline junkies among us may want to jump into the water of high cliffs in the Caribbean. They can do so by climbing up the smaller waterfalls or jumping a low rock based in the natural pool. There are no jumps that are required. Even if you just want to swim or watch the fun as adventurous explorers it is just fine! Follow your heart and your mood! Most of all feel free to do whatever you like!

Depending on the weather, the number of attendees and the path you choose the estimated duration of this voyage is round about three to five hours.

If you’re attracted and want to become a participant, see it for yourself and gather together your family and friends for the Afreeka Waterfall Tour any Thursday! We’ll leave at 10:30 AM, right after breakfast. Ask us at the reception and we will sign you up for the best price!

Not only our guests but anyone can join! The guests will have priority and get a discount for this trip! Book a room in the Dominican Republic, the best Island in the Caribbean. The only beachfront hostel in Las Terrenas with exclusive tours and excursions!